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The mission of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, as a nonprofit, faith-based hospital, is to provide the highest quality health care services to the communities it serves. The position of Executive Director of Pastoral Care is to support this mission by leading a comprehensive program of spiritual outreach and care throughout the Hoag healthcare system and community including patients, families, physicians, staff and volunteers.


Qualities: Possession of moral integrity and spiritual depth; of effective communication and interpersonal skills to inspire others. Must have organizational ability including an understanding of personnel management and departmental budgets and ability to formulate and execute strategies for serving a growing, vibrant healthcare system.


The Executive Director will lead hospital’s pastoral and chaplaincy ministries to reflect Hoag’s mission of quality care by organizing and providing spiritual care, visitation, education, counseling services and worship as requested for patients, their families, and staff throughout the healthcare system. Develop and lead Pastoral Care initiatives in alignment with Hoag’s mission and vision. Coordinate and facilitate the delivery of certified and clinically integrated spiritual care to all patients, their families and staff by the chaplains, and other staff. Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Hoag Senior Vice President, CNO.


Job Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies:

  • Change Management – Adapts to changes in the environment on a personal and workload basis. Facilitates constructive and positive change in a team, unit, or other work group, including in areas of innovation and new processes, technology and strategy.
  • Conflict Resolution - Manages conflict, disagreement and discord among and between staff and work units, while recognizing and addressing sensitivities and stakeholder needs.
  • Decision Making - Knows when and what decisions should be made in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, and is able to act upon and put those decisions in place.
  • Diversity – Demonstrates ability to work with a diverse group of people in a manner that enables them to reach their full potential, in pursuit of organizational objectives.
  • Technology & Equipment Skills – Maintains knowledge of technology, tools, equipment and other devices in work area.  Demonstrates competence in technology skills required for the role, as well as ability to learn and master new skills. For clinical position this includes equipment and devices pertinent to treatment, procedures and practice.
  • Interpersonal Skills - Listens to and understands what others are saying. Establishes effective working relationships with others, contributing to a climate of mutual respect and cooperation. Uses language to the situation. Demonstrates sensitivity and tact, understanding own effect on the motivation, attitudes and actions of others. Makes favorable first impressions.
  • Job Knowledge – Demonstrates full knowledge and understanding of concepts and procedures needed to be successful in the role, including knowledge of applicable department, organization and external rules and regulations impacting day to day processes. For clinical positions, this includes clinical procedures required by department and unit, as demonstrated by unit-based competency testing.
  • Operational Management – Effectively manages people, resources, deliverables, budgets, general administration and other components of day-to-day management of functional unit or department.
  • Oral/Written Communication - Ability to speak and write effectively, demonstrates fundamental command of language, communicates well using all mediums.
  • Travel – Position may require local travel between various Organization locations.



Organization: Hoag Hospital
Location: Newport Beach,  CA 
United States
Posting Start Date: 7/26/2022
Date Posted: 7/26/2022

Education and Experience:


  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university.
  • Master of Divinity Degree from an accredited (ATS) seminary or Divinity School.
  • Five or more years of Chaplaincy experience in a healthcare setting.
  • Experience with all faiths and religions with a distinct Christian commitment and understanding of our Presbyterian tradition.
  • Ordination to ministry or chaplaincy.
  • Ongoing ecclesiastical affiliation.
  • Knowledge of Presbyterian Order and Tradition.


  • Doctorate (D. Min. or Ph.D.) in Clinical Pastoral Education (or equivalent).
  • Three years of Pastoral Leadership in a multi-discipline or multi-religious setting.
Status: This listing expires on: 9/24/2022
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Organization Information
Hoag Hospital
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