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Billings Clinic- Chaplain

The Chaplain is responsible for providing pastoral care to patients, their families, and as appropriate, staff. The chaplain visits patients and their families, making spiritual assessments, responding to their spiritual needs and providing crisis intervention as needed.

Essential Job Functions

•Supports and models behaviors consistent with Billings Clinic’s mission, vision, values, code of business conduct and service expectations. Meets all mandatory organizational and departmental requirements. Maintains competency in all organizational, departmental and outside agency standards as it relates to the environment, employee, patient safety or job performance.
•Actively participates in the delivery of spiritual care to patients and families. Assesses patient and family spiritual needs; assists patients and families in using their faith in dealing with illness, trauma, and stress. Responds to referrals in a timely manner; offers continuing care when appropriate.
•Provides supportive and spiritual care in crisis situations, responding to CPR and trauma calls as well as other emergent referrals. Discerns needs in crisis, maintaining a calm and compassionate presence.
•Inclusively supports the diverse faith traditions and beliefs of patients and their family members as well as staff.
•Helps meet ritual and sacramental needs of patients, families, and staff. Respectfully helps patients, families, and staff draw upon spiritual resources important for them.
•Provides timely and sensitive chaplaincy care to the staff of Billings Clinic via individual and group interactions. Provides chaplaincy care to Billings Clinic in ways consonant with the values and mission statement of our organization
•Documents patient and family service provided, both in departmental records and in the patient’s medical record, entering information that is relevant to the patient’s medical, psycho-social, and spiritual goals of care. Must have an ability to communicate information in a clinical/interdepartmental context.
•Supports an interdisciplinary approach to pastoral care, participating in team meetings and rounds and serving on organizational committees as appointed.
•Works to maintain a positive relationship between Billings Clinic and community, especially community clergy and pastoral leaders.
•Seeks and creates opportunities to enhance the quality of chaplaincy care practice at Billings Clinic, including assuming responsibility for continued professional development, meeting all mandatory organizational and departmental requirements.
•Maintains competency in all organizational, departmental and outside agency environmental, employee or patient safety standards relevant to job performance.
•Performs other duties as assigned or needed to meet the needs of the department/organization.

Position: Billings Clinic- Chaplain
Organization: Billings Clinic
Location: Billings,  MT 
United States
Posting Start Date: 11/17/2022
Date Posted: 11/17/2022

Minimum Qualifications

Master’s degree in Theology , Chaplaincy or equivalent training at an accredited religious seminary or theological school plus clinical pastoral education training- preferred


Minimum of three (3) years of full-time ministry work experience which includes a minimum of two years of institutional related experience in providing spiritual care to a diverse population.

Certifications and Licenses

Licensed, ordained and/or ecclesiastically endorsed with a recognized religious community or institutional chaplaincy ministry

Status: This listing expires on: 1/16/2023
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Organization Information
Billings Clinic

Billings,  MT 59101
United States
(406) 238-5838
Danielle Bauwens