Volunteer Training Manual

 Volunteer Training Manual

Expanding the reach of chaplaincy without pulling on the purse strings is on every director’s mind. Engaging volunteers whether lay or clergy can be the answer; however for this approach to work, effective volunteers need to have a baseline training on rules of the game. The onus is upon you to develop this training.

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As a resource for you, HealthCare ChaplaincyTM created a comprehensive chaplaincy volunteer training manual created for use in any health care setting. Drawing on national expertise in the field of chaplaincy and volunteer management, the manual is a resource to train individuals in a number of key areas, including the following:

  • Identifying Spiritual Distress

  • Communication and Listening

    • Active Listening

    • Non-Verbal Communication

    • Responding Skills

  • Understanding the Patient: Older Adults and Aging Issues, Individuals with Visual Impairments, and Individuals with Hearing Impairments

  • Visitation

    • Outline of a Chaplaincy Care Visit

    • Initiating the Visit

    • Guidelines for Interacting with Patient, Family and Team

  • Cultural Competency, Spirituality, and Religion

    • Assessing Your Own Cultural Heritage Exercises

    • Religious Diversity-Traditions on Life and Health

  • Death and Grief

    • Tasks of the Dying Patient

    • The Family of the Dying Patient

    • Grief and Mourning

  • Confidentiality

    • Confidentiality and HIPAA

    • Specifically for Chaplaincy Care Volunteers

A range of teaching tools, such as practice examples, role playing exercises and reflective pieces, are incorporated into the manual to ensure that all learning styles are accommodated. This “CPE lite” training will assist in strengthening your department.

Reproduction of this manual in any way, whether in part or in whole, is not permitted. For bulk purchases, please contact Cindy Melero at cmelero@healthcarechaplaincy.org.

Representative Endorsements of the Manual

“I am going to be running a volunteer pastoral care training program. I love Chaplaincy Care Volunteer Training Manual. It’s clear. It’s succinct. It’s a fabulous manual. We service a wide variety of faiths, so this is perfect.”

Celeste M. Warner,
Licensed Spiritual Counselor

“I am using the manual in the Summer iteration of Josephinum Diaconate Institute’s Health Care Ministry course in which 26 deacons / deacon aspirants enrolled. The manual has received uniformly excellent comments, both as a fine initial resource and as a welcome affirmation / further amplification of their individual health care institutions training.”

Bill McGann
Deacon Bill McGann, MS, MBA, MA, BCC - Adjunct Professor, Josephinum Diaconate Institute (Columbus, Ohio)